Raise Your Voice

We are powerful when we act together, and our work is just beginning.

Help us end the labor shortage impacting our agriculture, hospitality, and construction industries, provide a legal path to employment for immigrants who wish to work in the US seasonally, and the end illegal employment and exploitation of these undocumented workers.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. Here’s what’s next and how you can take action!

1. Call Your Members of Congress. 


Dial (844) 899-8261 now to call your representative, and then dial (855) 300-3836 to call your senators.


Say to them, “Our country is experiencing an illegal employment epidemic fueled by a lack of blue-collar, domestic workers and functional guest worker programs. We need legislation that provides a humane and legal path to employment for guest workers. This legislation should include an annual assessment of the labor needs of various industries and authorize the needed guest worker visas to meet those needs. 


In tandem with expanded guest worker programs, there must be legislation requiring tough enforcement of a revamped E-Verify system that is accurate and dependable. The law must require employers to verify the legal status of each employee and carry stiff penalties and consequences for employers that violate the law. Functional guest worker programs and E-verify implementation would eliminate the demand for undocumented workers thereby leaving employers and workers with only one choice – a legal one."

2. Sign The Petition

Tell Congress To Create A Legal Pathway To Employment For Immigrant Workers

3. Email Your Board of Commissioners

Your community deserves the opportunity to voice their concerns on the topic of immigration. If you would like to provide input and learn about what our elected representatives are doing to address this issue in your county, please email your Board of Commissioners asking them to hold a public hearing on this topic. 


Consider emailing them the following: “I would like to attend a public hearing around the topic of immigration. Specifically about our current labor shortage and the need for more guest worker programs". 


If you live in Jackson County you can email:

Rick Dryer: DyerRR@jacksoncounty.org

Bob Strosser: StrossRJ@jacksoncounty.org

Colleen Roberts: RobertCL@jacksoncounty.org 

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