About Us 

What Is Illegal The Project?

We are a non-profit organization that aims to end the labor shortage impacting our industries (namely agriculture, hospitality and construction), provide a legal path to employment for immigrants who wish to work in the U.S. seasonally and end illegal employment and the exploitation of these undocumented workers.


We want to see an end to the luring of desperate workers by a system of employment that not only puts lives at risk but also separates families here and abroad. 

We are not blue or red. We are human and together, we can support immigrants and our industries.

Let's Talk About The Issues

The Problem

Our country is experiencing an illegal employment epidemic fueled by a lack of blue-collar, domestic workers and functional guest worker programs. 

These two factors have created a labor crisis that is negatively impacting our economy and creating fertile ground for illegal employment to grow. Faced with a lack of workers, employers are left with no other option than to hire undocumented labor thereby perpetuating illegal employment and a system that exploits undocumented workers.

The Solution

Congress should pass legislation that creates functional guest worker programs (that meet the needs of our industries) in tandem with tough enforcement of a revamped E-Verify system (that accurately verifies the legal status of employees).

The Result: Thriving industries and an economy and nation no longer affected by labor shortages, legal and humane guest worker programs, and an end to illegal employment and the exploitation of undocumented workers.

Think Of It This Way...

If you leave an open jar of honey on your kitchen table it is likely to attract a caravan of ants. You can build a wall around it or send an entire army to guard it, but the ants will find a way in... Which poses the question: Would it be more effective to simply take the honey away?

Why is this not a part of the national conversation? Why are the workers we lure into our country criminalized while their employers are not held accountable? Tell our senators that this is not okay!