One Immigrant's Life Or Death Journey To The American Dream

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Illegal - One Immigrant's Life Or Death Journey To The American Dream 

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From “Dreamer” to living the American dream, ILLEGAL is a feature-length documentary chronicling a young boy's miraculous journey to becoming a U.S. citizen after fleeing his war-torn home of El Salvador, how he came to realize the challenges of present-day immigration, and his mission to humanize immigrants and reform U.S. immigration policy for the benefit of all.


The film begins as Laz journeys back to his childhood home in El Salvador. He recounts his arduous path north on the Pan American Highway with his father and brother where at any moment they could have been discovered and turned back… or worse, killed.

Laz’s life is a story of struggle, determination, and hope for a brighter future for immigrants, employers, and American citizens. A story that illustrates the need for "common sense" immigration reform in the United States.

Illegal wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign on April 3rd, 2020 which raised over $40,000 for the production of the film. As of January 2021, the film has been selected to over 30 film festivals around the country including Beverly Hills International Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, and Richmond International Film Festival.

Illegal has been nominated and awarded a number of achievements including the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the Richmond International and Klamath Independent Film Festivals and Best Documentary at the Forth Worth Indie Showcase.

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Faces of immigrants we interviewed throughout the making of this film

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