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Illegal the Project Team Meets Representative Bentz (Oregon)

Laz Ayala and the Illegal Project team met with Representative Bentz in Ashland on 3/31/21 to discuss solutions to the immigration issue facing the country and those willing to immigrate and work. Rep Bentz and Laz discussed improvements to the guest worker program. Rep. Bentz, who supported the recent passage of the 2021 Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which would make critical improvements to the guest worker program allowing for guests to work seasonally in the US supporting our economy, while also utilizing the E-Verify program, listened intently to Laz's story and talked about his own experience including the need for labor by US businesses.

It was a great talk, focused on common ground and pragmatic solutions.

Rep. Bentz is a strong partner in the effort to bring about meaningful, practical change that would have an impact on both American businesses and guest workers.

"We need our political leaders to be willing to listen and focus on solutions like Representative Bentz. I appreciate his willingness to take the time to meet with me and discuss this important issue in depth. We had a great exchange of ideas and I look forward to working with him and his office further. This was no photo-op. The Congressman wanted to listen, ask questions, and find solutions. As someone who is focused on finding solutions myself, I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to do the same. This issue is more important than scoring political points." - Laz Ayala.

Laz and the Illegal Project team will continue their work in supporting the Farm Workforce Modernization Act as it goes through the Senate. We will be lobbying hard for its passage and encourage others who believe in making meaningful change now to join us.


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