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Help Us #GiveVoice To The Voiceless.


We need to focus on the reasons why people immigrate — to escape violence and to realize better economic futures for their families through the surplus jobs the US has for undocumented immigrants.


Our goal is to create public awareness around the issue and talk about solutions, not demonize undocumented immigrants who are simply trying to create a better life for themselves and their families.


Help us spread this message and #GiveVoice to the voiceless by making a donation today!


Your donation will go towards helping us submit our upcoming documentary, "Illegal", to independent film festivals around the country.


Each time this film is shown we will be giving voice to those who are unable to share their stories and providing a platform for America, and the world, to learn about what immigrants go through to reach the U.S. and why we must fight for their rights as human beings.

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