No Human Is Illegal 

We're starting a movement to humanize the conversation around immigrants and their families in the U.S. through advocacy, coalition building and community engagement in an effort to create a system where immigrants, employers, and American born citizens may thrive.

Illegal The Project

We Support Immigrants, Industries, Our Economy, And Our Country

The issue of undocumented immigration has mushroomed into a divisive topic over the last 10 years. Today, we have reached a breaking point as mass deportations, human rights violations where children are being locked up in cages, and our overwhelmingly divided public viewpoints have pushed this problem to a point where a solution must be brought to the table.


Illegal The Project is a movement that seeks to shed light on facts and myths about undocumented immigration; humanize the topic, educate, engage, and organize Americans to demand common-sense legislation that addresses the problem’s root: an illegal employment system that lures undocumented immigrants with the prospects of illegal employment. A system that taxes undocumented immigrants without rights, votes or representation, demonizes and criminalizes them and then exploits them as political pawns.

We must change this system of injustice that is negatively impacting American industries, our communities, and our country. Together, we can fix this broken system of exploitation that compares to modern-day slavery.

Tell our senators that it is time to address the labor crisis in our country and provide a legal path to employment for guest workers. Doing so will allow our industries to thrive and drastically reduce undocumented immigration by providing immigrants who wish to work in the U.S. seasonally a legal path to do so.

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ITP demands a new chapter in this country and encourages other groups in the social justice space to join us in speaking out. 

This is not just a fight for policy change, this is a fight against white supremacy and colonialism. We stand in solidarity with every POC who has had to stare into the face of our nation's long history of racism. We stand with every man, woman, and child imprisoned at our borders who tried to escape violence, famine and drought. We stand with all fighting for justice in this world who seek an end to the dehumanization of people.

Now is not the time to stay on the sidelines. Now is the time to speak out and stand tall in unity.

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Help us end the labor shortage impacting our agriculture, hospitality, and construction industries, provide a legal path to employment for immigrants who wish to work in the US seasonally, and end illegal employment and the exploitation of undocumented workers.

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Together, we will help our industries thrive, provide a legal path to employment for immigrants and bring an end to this system of injustice in the U.S.